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Tuition & Financial Aid

Enrolling in APL is about more than access to education, it’s about joining a community that recognizes and celebrates the individual strengths and goals of neurodiverse students. An APL student makes friends that care about their interests, develops skills for a quality life, and is the primary driver in the decision-making about their future. 

We recognize that the cost of tuition and services is a significant investment for a family towards their student’s future – and is often one of a myriad of costs to access the support their child needs. At APL, we are determined to be a valuable and lifechanging force for a student’s future, and enable of network of support to families from resources and tools, to the other families going through similar challenges and wins.  

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2023-24 + 2024-25 Annual Tuition Rates

Grade Standard Rate Sibling Rate

Lower School

$24,000 $19,200
Middle School
$30,000 $24,000
High School
$35,000 $28,000

Our tuition rates are not increasing for the 2024-25 school year.

Fee Structure

APL's tuition is the base for all students. It incorporates the activity fee, supply fee, and other typical school fees, so you know what your costs are up front. 

+ Many of our learners receive clinical services, but not all do. As a result, the fees for receiving clinical services are separate from tuition. Often, these services can be covered by insurance providers and the only out of pocket costs to families are copays and deductibles. 

+ Additional services, like before or after-school care, are charged in addition to tuition.

Financial Aid

At APL, we acknowledge the financial barriers for families to access the quality services they deserve. We're excited to offer financial aid to families as part of our vision for all neurodiverse kids to be able to pursue their dreams, regardless of their family's economic class.

Families will be directed to the financial aid application by our Admissions Team upon acceptance to APL. 



Family Testimonial 1

APL gave my family a community that shared my experience and made us feel welcomed.

APL Parent

Family Testimonial 2

Our daughter is noticeably happier every day because of APL. Being surrounded by people who notice her strengths has been a game-changer for our family.

APL Family

Family Testimonial 3

At APL, being different is the norm and my child has never felt more welcomed. They're not the quirky outsider anymore, because they're the quirky insider!

APL Guardian

Family Testimonial 4

APL has helped my son regain his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem.

APL Parent

Family Testimonial 5

Thank you APL Staff for making our lives so much richer with your kindness, encouragement, creativity, humor, inclusiveness, openness, and positive energy.

APL Parent


Families join the APL community for a myriad of reasons and the outcomes for their students are equally as diverse. Regardless of the path a student takes, our goal at APL is consistent: that APL has prepared students for a high quality of life and their future goals involve them in the decision-making. 

We approach education differently, so our graduation data is a little different too. APL students enroll at various points in their K-12 journey, and they also transition to other programs at various points. We most often see these decisions being made after 5th and 8th grade, during those major school transition years, most often to because a student is ready for more or less support in their day. Our student success teams engage actively with families in that decision-making process to help weigh the pros and cons for their student.

APL high schoolers graduate with a state-recognized diploma. However, the best indicator of success for an APL student comes from our Pathways Program where they set a plan for their own future, that's exciting, realistic, and fulfilling for them.

After graduating, APL students attend 44% to transition programs 25% supported college 23% 2 year college 8% 4 year uni
APL students are 100% involved in planning for their futures

Financial Aid FAQ

Admissions for 2023-24

We have openings in most grade levels for the current school year. Contact our Admissions Manager at to begin applying today.