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Tuition & Financial Aid

Fee Structure

APL's tuition is the base for all students. It incorporates the activity fee, supply fee, and other typical school fees instead of them being tacked on as an addition so you know what your costs are up front. 

+ Many of our learners receive clinical services, but not all do, so the fees for receiving clinical services are separate from tuition. Most often, these services are covered by insurance providers and the only costs are copays and deductibles.

+ Additional services like Speech Language Pathology are charged in addition to tuition on a case by case basis. Currently, families must seek reimbursement through their insurance, though we hope to bill directly through APL's Roots Clinic sometime next year.

+ In addition to tuition, families put in volunteer hours for our amazing community via Parent Council or other opportunities that arise throughout the year. In lieu of these hours, families can pay a financial amount per hour not completed.

2022-23 Annual Tuition Rates

Grade Standard Tuition

Tier 1 Subsidized

Second Child
Lower School $20,500 $10,000 $5,200
Middle School $25,000 $12,000 $5,500
High School $26,500 $13,000 $6,500

Unsure which Tier your learner may fall into? Check out our model to learn more about what each tier means.

About the Second Child Rate

The second child rate is kind of like a buy-one-get-one (BOGO), where if you're admitting multiple learners, you only pay full tuition for one and get a second child rate for any additional applicants. The full tuition will always be whichever learner is Tier 2+3, and if there are multiple, it will be the highest grade. If multiple learners are Tier 2+3 and in the same grade range, families will only pay full tuition for one learner and the second child rate will apply to the other learner. 

About the Tier 1 Subsidized Tuition Rate

It is a priority of the Board of Directors to recruit Tier 1 learners to support our inclusion model.


How much will I pay if...

Financial Aid

To achieve our strategic goals for equity and diversity, APL is piloting our first formal scholarship program. Awards will be based on available funds and will be limited in scope for the current and next admission cycle. For information on the program's status and application process, email