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Middle School

The middle school years are a time of change as learners explore their own identity and ways of participating in social groups. Supporting learners in becoming independent, reasoning, critical thinkers is a vital part of our program in the middle school. Learners are encouraged to explore their interests through a range of elective courses, while still giving learners designated time in the school day for skill building around math and literacy. Learners are encouraged to explore their feelings and practice positive peer relationships through small groups with counselors, our social-emotional curriculum, and a sense of community in homerooms and class groups. Learners access a problem-based and hands-on Science curriculum, study the state, nation, and world in Social Studies, and challenge themselves in Math and Language Arts placements suited to their individual needs. 

English Language Arts  

  • Mirroring the individualized structure of reading instruction in the elementary grades, our middle school English Language Arts classes are designed to meet the specific writing and reading needs of each learner. This means classes are not assigned by grade level, but by skill and need.  

Social Studies 

Our learners take three social studies courses during their middle school years: 

  • Ancient World Civilizations
  • Washington and Local History (a Washington State graduation requirement)
  • US History (pre-Columbian through the Civil War) 


  • Life Science 
  • Physical Science 
  • Earth Science 


  • Functional Mathematics 
  • Foundational Mathematics 
  • Middle School Mathematics 
  • Pre-Algebra 
  • Algebra I