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High School

The Academy for Precision Learning has graduated learners to a full range of pursuits in adulthood. Throughout high school, learners have access to curriculum to meet their high school and beyond goals. These goals can include working toward community inclusion and engagement through independence, or career and college readiness. Individualized course plans and AP courses are available to learners. Learners are taught by subject-area specialists and have a range of elective course options available each year. 

English Language Arts  

  • Reading & Writing Development* 
  • Language Arts Lab* 
  • Research & Presentations 

  • Composition 

  • World Literature 

Social Studies 

  • U.S. History II (Reconstruction to Present Day) 

  • Civics & Social Movements 

  • Government & Economics 


  • Biology 

  • Conceptual Physics 

  • Nutritional Science * 


  • Consumer Math* 
  • Transition Algebra  

  • Algebra I 

  • Geometry  

  • Algebra II 

  • Calculus 

  • Business Math 


  • Spanish I 

  • Spanish II 

  • American Sign Language I 

  • American Sign Language II 

Career & Technical Education 

  • Career Exploration 

  • TEALS: Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that builds sustainable CS programs in high schools. TEALS helps teachers learn to teach CS by pairing them with industry volunteers and proven curricula. APL partners with Microsoft’s TEALS program to provide a robust computer science program in the high school. 
    • Introduction to Computer Science 

    • AP Computer Science A 

*Functional Life Skills 

APL has recently rolled out a formalized Functional Life Skills program in our high school. Though many of our middle school classes and embedded ABA therapy supports learners’ life skills acquisition, our high school program specifically includes many curricula to assess and teach life skills essential for independent living in the home and in the community. In our Occupational Lab, we have access to a full kitchen with washer/dryer to learn skills such things as food preparation, cleaning the home, washing clothes, hygiene, going out into the community, using public transportation, going shopping, and more.