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APL’s Statement Regarding Transphobic Legislation

the APL logo on a trans flag

Dear APL community, 

This legislative session, states across the country have introduced and passed a record-breaking number of laws targeting trans people, especially trans youth. These laws aim to exclude trans youth from participating in sports, sometimes by using invasive examinations; deny them vital medical care; and, in some cases, restrict the ability of trans people to obtain birth certificates reflecting their true selves. These laws frighten and dehumanize members of an already marginalized population. Arkansas’ decision to call its new, transphobic law the ‘S.A.F.E. Act’ is especially cruel because research shows that access to transition-related care during adolescence can relieve gender dysphoria and help our transgender children live happy, healthy lives. For trans youth, and families of trans youth, reading the news can feel like being under siege. One of the bills was introduced here in Washington, though it never made it to the floor for a vote.  

APL rejects transphobia in all its forms, especially when it’s aimed at children. Our transgender students, family, and faculty enrich our community and we stand against transphobic and discriminatory legislation. 

We are committed to maintaining a welcoming, supportive space for transgender students and to taking what action we can to speak out for transgender people in Seattle and Washington State. LBGTQ+ topics are embedded in our social sciences and history curricula, just as they should be in every school. Our counseling staff is always here for any students who are struggling to process what is happening in the world around them. 

We are committed to doing our part to end transphobia. We as a school have the power to educate students and the community at large and can also be a beacon of support for our transgender community.  


Kelly Meyer (she/her)
Executive Director