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APL Art Teacher Wins Regional Award

APL Art Teacher Wins Regional Award

Longtime APL Art Teacher, Frankie Gollub, was recognized with a first place award in painting by the 66th Annual Edmonds Arts Festival.

a painting of a forest during the day with moss and logs in the foreground and pine trees in the background.

Pine Ridge Park by Frankie Gollub

Frankie is a loved and celebrated staple of the APL community, known for connecting learners with seemingly infinite mediums of art, exploring their interests, and developing their skills. As both a teacher and an artist, Frankie has done amazing work with neurodiverse learners that celebrate everyone's abilities through art.

APL recently held its first annual Art Show highlighting pieces of work made by every learner over the school year in Frankie's classes. The art displayed included collages, paintings, drawings, digital pieces, sculptures, and more. 

We are honored to have such a talent on our team. Congratulations, Frankie!