Our Approach

A Unique Model With Proven Results

APL has found a way to make all children feel like equal participants in the classroom experience by truly achieving "inclusion" from integrating children across the autism spectrum with their typically developing peers.

Every child receives an individualized learning plan to maximize their academic success. Some children are receiving instruction at 1-3 grades higher than their age cohort. For those who need it, our embedded licensed behavioral health center offers students structured ABA therapy under the oversight of in-classroom Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBAs)—all integrated into their classroom experience.

APL looks to apply data-informed practices to help each student achieve their greatest potential. APL uses high quality, data-driven approaches – including Direct Instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Precision Teaching - to create individualized learning plans specifically designed for each student. You can learn more about the research supporting Precision Teaching methods here.

APL is dedicated to ensuring every student’s success through accelerated academic progress, social development, unique and tailored enrichment opportunities, character building and community involvement.

APL's Administration and Board of Directors are guided by four tenets to develop and sustain a high-quality program:


Every student deserves access to high-quality academics, enrichment opportunities, social skills development and community integration that reflect their individual goals and strengths.


Our model is built on proven results so every student has an opportunity to succeed within a responsive, outcome-oriented environment.


We want to reach as many deserving students as possible by influencing greater educational norms, creating an educational model for replication and driving outreach to the broader community.


We believe in the fundamental concept of inclusion and the value of creating a challenging and respectful environment for all student populations, including those across the autism spectrum and their typically developing peers.

Why Parents Love Us

To see our child happy, and with people that care about her, is worth more than anything and we have found that at APL.

- APL Parent

APL turned my child’s life around: academically, socially, and emotionally. And my life as well: I no longer dread the phone ringing. I know that my kids are in good hands, and that if ever any sort of problem does come up, I’ll be able to work with the school to make things better. What I say matters.

- APL Parent

APL provides us peace of mind for our family in a safe and supporting environment.

- APL Parent

When we started looking for the right school for our child to attend, we toured everywhere and came up dry. We found ourselves wishing there was a school where ABA therapy and academics were wholly combined in the same classroom. THEN we found APL and it felt like it had been created just for us. Dream come true!

- APL Parent

APL has helped our son regain his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem!

- APL Parent

The APL way is to care about your child in the best way possible while laying out a road map for progress developmentally and emotionally.

- APL Parent

The intrinsic blend of ABA with schooling that has taken my child from not sitting at a school desk, balled up in the corner in a novel, in public school to completing her work and even enjoying many of her academic classes. The value put on the unique traits of individuals and the enormous patience of the staff come in at the top as well.

- APL Parent

Faculty & Staff

APL has a large staff of teachers, BCBA clinicians, behavioral technicians, and administers.

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Board of Directors

The Board is composed of school founders, clinical experts, parents, and influential individuals.

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Advisory Board

Co-founding family members, experts, and former Board members lend this advice as needed.

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Contact Us

APL encourages you to reach out with any questions you have about the school. We want to hear from you!

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