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We recognize that every individual possesses a unique set of talents and capabilities, and it is our responsibility to foster an environment that not only acknowledges this diversity, but celebrates it.

About Us

APL is dedicated to empowering our students in defining and achieving their aspirations for a fulfilling life. We foster a community that advocates for individual voices, promotes agency, and cultivates essential skills for independent living. We believe in nurturing meaningful relationships and embracing the richness of neurodiversity.

Together, we celebrate the uniqueness of each student, supporting their journey towards a purposeful and successful future.

Who We Serve

  • Students in grades K-12
  • Students with an ASD diagnosis, in addition to other diagnoses in the neurodiversity umbrella
  • Students who benefit from ABA therapy in their school day
  • Students who benefit from whole group and small group instruction
  • Students who benefit from social skills supports
  • Students of all gender identities


Our Model

The hallmarks of the APL experience are:

  • Small class sizes
  • Warm community
  • Talented staff
  • Experiential learning
  • Embedded therapies to support students in accessing their education