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A world where every child thrives

APL's Vision


Founded in 2007, APL is an inclusive K-12 school serving neurodiverse learners in an inclusive, academically challenging, and socially vibrant environment. 

Our Model

APL pairs personalized education with behavioral supports, including ABA therapy, right inside the classroom setting. 

APL is the independent neighborhood school for learners seeking a personalized education. Class sizes are small. The overall student body is not more than 12 learners per grade level. Providing K-12 education creates time and space for learners to root and grow throughout their primary and secondary years. The urban environment promotes community engagement and skill practice.

APL provides a high staff to student ratio. This way, all learners can easily access individualized support as needed, in a social context. Teachers, BCBAs, and families work together to prioritize instructional targets. As much as possible, instruction on individual targets happens in the classroom, supporting each learner to participate meaningfully in group learning.

APL is a tightly knit community. This includes families as well as learners. Community building doesn't stop after the school day. After school clubs, parent events, and volunteer opportunities augment student life and family connections.

APL uses a tiered model, adapted from PBIS, as a lens through which we can discuss the support needs of each learner and ensure levels of inclusion inside each grade. During the admissions process, every learner is assigned a Tier based on observations and assessments.

Tier 1 learners benefit primarily from the unique supports built into our model for all learners.

Tier 2 learners benefit from additional forms of individualized support like in-house services, plus Tier 1 supports.

Tier 3 learners benefit from ABA services in addition to Tier 1 and 2 supports.

adults sit around a table with their laptops smiling and working together


APL's mission is to individualize education for children across the autism spectrum and their peers with integrated support services in an accessible, compassionate community.


We are innovators

We adapt and we break down barriers

We are learners

We build on expertise and we seek to improve

We are collaborators

We lift each other up

We are advocates

Within our school and community

We are inclusive

We celebrate neurodiversity