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Where Neurodiversity is Celebrated

APL is a K-12 independent school that embraces the things that make our kids different.

We are driven to work in collaboration with students. To identify what they are passionate about, what motivates them in life, and how to pursue their dreams.

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More than a school -- A community

APL's model not only enables academic success, but also nurtures the social and emotional well-being of our students; fostering a sense of belonging and self-acceptance. 

Built-in supports and services allow students to learn in a nurturing environment inclusive of diverse learning needs and abilities. With classrooms and teams trained in neurodiversity-affirming instruction and care, students find they can participate in their education and feel good about achieving their goals.

Quality of Life is our number one metric at APL, not curing someone of what makes their brain unique. It looks different for every single learner and is firmly rooted in self-determination.

LGBTQ+ students and staff are valued members of our community. Neurodiverse individuals are statistically more likely to identify as part of the queer community, and we love that! Free from the burden of society's expectations of what they should be, neurodiverse students model the freedom that can be found by being the truest version of yourself. We also see this reflected in our wonderfully diverse staff, modeling for students that our lives are as diverse as all of our brains. 

Our Family Community facilitates daytime meetups and evening activities allowing families to come together around their shared experiences. In addition to family connections, APL families also volunteer, coordinate guest speakers, share resources, and more!

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Academics for All

APL prides itself on providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs and abilities.


Project Based Learning is a methodology for teaching that combines a traditional lecturing/reading/writing approach with a tactile project or even a trip out into the community. At APL, we use it to meet a variety of learning styles and create additional opportunities to have meaningful learnings for our students academically and interpersonally.

Small class sizes of between 6-12 students allow our skilled staff to engage each individual child in the classroom so nobody gets overlooked. With our variety of trained professionals, at any given moment, our classrooms have an average 1:6 staff to student ratio, with variations based on grade level.

Community-based learning takes our students beyond the classroom -- from our kindergarteners learning about what a community is, to high schoolers volunteering right here in the UDistrict. We don't just celebrate neurodiversity within our walls, we believe in communities that are welcoming to everyone and we help make it happen.

Elementary School

Grades K-5

Check out our Elementary School and learn more about our focus on community!

Middle School

Grades 6-8

Check out our Middle School and learn more about our focus on inquiry!

High School

Grades 9-12

Check out our High School and learn how we explore real-world applications of learning!



Family Testimonial 1

APL gave my family a community that shared my experience and made us feel welcomed.

APL Parent

Family Testimonial 2

Our daughter is noticeably happier every day because of APL. Being surrounded by people who notice her strengths has been a game-changer for our family.

APL Family

Family Testimonial 3

At APL, being different is the norm and my child has never felt more welcomed. They're not the quirky outsider anymore, because they're the quirky insider!

APL Guardian

Family Testimonial 4

APL has helped my son regain his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem.

APL Parent

Family Testimonial 5

Thank you APL Staff for making our lives so much richer with your kindness, encouragement, creativity, humor, inclusiveness, openness, and positive energy.

APL Parent