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The Academy for Precision Learning uses empirically validated, scientifically proven approaches to gain results in student performance. We aim to show measurable progress in student performance by employing Precision Teaching methodologies. These methodologies enable teachers to closely track each student's daily and weekly performance trends and to provide a permanent record of intervention strategies.

APL provides an academic environment in which acceptance, tolerance, and community building are emphasized. We promote positive problem-solving strategies and interpersonal interactions that encourage mutual respect, negotiation, self-advocacy, and self-esteem.

About Precision Teaching

Precision Teaching is a precise and systematic method of evaluating instructional tactics and curricula. It bases "educational decisions on changes in continuous self-monitored performance frequencies displayed on 'standard celeration charts'."

In applying the Precision Teaching approach, we determine what difficulties students have and then analyze which component skills are missing. Educational research shows that if students who are missing component skills are specifically trained on these skills to "fluent" and "mastery" levels, they will in turn make progress in acquiring composite skills.

To learn more about Precision Teaching and celeration charts, see Precision Teaching on the Athabasca University Web site and the Standard Celeration Society Web site.

Access Precision Teaching materials & resources compiled by APLís former Advisory Board member, Dr. Owen White: HERE

Read more about the history of PT: HERE

APL's approach to academic design

APL employs the following approaches to designing curriculum for each student:

Planned structured sessions and activities
Prior to enrollment, APL's director and parents will discuss the needs of each student and agree upon the specific component skills that each student will practice while at the school. During the intake process, we will use criteria and normed referenced assessment to aid in educational planning.

Teaching strategies that promote skill mastery
Students will receive individualized direct instruction and individualized/small group mastery practice. Students will learn skills to "fluent" levels before moving on to more complex lessons.

Progress monitoring
Faculty will track student peformance daily on each skill taught and practiced, collecting and recording all pertinent data. If a student stops making progress on any skill, faculty will analyze the student's performance data and determine the appropriate inteventions. Faculty will document all interventions will be noted and detail these interventions in monthly progress reports.